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Self-expression, discovery and healing through processes of creative inquiry


“Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist.”

Eileen Miller



Expressive arts therapy is a way to explore and make meaning of your life. Using a mix of imagery, colour, texture, sound, words, sensations and other forms, it can help you to notice and express thoughts and feelings that are difficult to communicate. Discussion about your work and the art making process can help you gain insight and make sense of your experiences.

Experience or skill in art is not required in order to successfully engage in art therapy. It is not about making “good art”.

I can offer opportunities to work across a range of forms, including the visual arts (e.g. painting, collage, pencils, pastels, textas), poetry, narrative, clay, sandplay, installations, photography, digital drawing, editing and animation, objects, textiles, movement, music, dance and drama. Remember that you do not need to be an experienced art maker and you do not need to participate in any activities if you do not feel comfortable. I will be guided by you. 

Art Therapy can build self-esteem, self-worth and confidence. It can also support you in problem-solving, developing insights and self-awareness, managing stress and enhancing relationships.

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I’m Alisoun Neville, a registered Arts Therapist based in Melbourne. I have learnt through a combination of life experience and formal study to use creative expression and inquiry as powerful guides through some of life’s complex and difficult matters.The term expressive arts therapy is used to describe my inclusion of all of the arts in what we call art therapy (including any new creative methods we discover on the day) and the value of expressing what we hold inside our bodies.

I am a member of the Eve Wellness Collective in Melbourne. In addition to my time at Eve Studio on Mondays, I work as an Art Therapist with women who are incarcerated and will soon be starting to work with children in a multidisciplinary practice. I have a Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice, which builds on prior study in psychology and my PhD in literature and law, as well as extensive work in the not for profit sector in policy and advocacy, training and program development, including most recently in legal and health sector partnerships and in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. My own processes of writing and other art making have informed my commitment to use creativity, collaboration and play for self-advocacy, discovery, self-expression and healing.

I hold professional registration with the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapy Association (ANZACATA) and am a Registered NDIS Provider.



Self-expression, discovery and healing through processes of creative inquiry

If you are an individual or a child, our sessions will be designed to facilitate self-expression and discovery through a mix of creative art forms, strengthening your confidence and self-awareness and assisting you in your own healing process.

If you are an individual with an NDIS Plan, I am a registered NDIS Provider. I can work with you to identify goals and gather supporting evidence if you would like art therapy included in your plan.

If you are looking on behalf of an organisation, I can offer therapeutic support in group settings and/or help your organisation get in touch with your shared values, needs and preferred ways of being. 

I am a member of the Eve Wellness Collective which includes rooms on Mondays at Eve Studio 268 Raglan Street Preston. Eve Studio is a Women's Wellness Centre and is open to anyone who identifies as a woman, including cis-gendered, trans and non-binary women.

I am also a member of the Carlton and Fitzroy Consulting Rooms. This means I can take casual bookings on Tuesdays (at 468 Brunswick Street North Fitzroy) if you are not eligible to attend at Eve or if this location is more suitable. Please get in touch via the contact details below and we can make individual arrangements. 

I also offer art therapy online and have completed Level 2 training with Australian Online Therapy Training. I am offering an initial consultation free of charge to discuss the suitability of online therapy for you and to assist with online setup and assistance with sourcing art materials if this is required.

Concessions are available for all of the above and can include anyone substantively impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak.

See below for details about my services and how to book each type of appointment. If you have any questions or would like to discuss whether this approach feels right for you, call me on 0405 778 518.



Standard appointments are 60 minute individual sessions and are available to adults, children and young people. I can only see women and girls in person at Eve Studio (see above), but can offer other other arrangements for everyone else. Reasons for seeking expressive arts therapy may include:

Social Isolation / COVID-19

Abuse, Trauma 

Mental Health

Self-Worth and Confidence


Health and Disability

Social Interaction and Communication


Grief and Loss


Sexuality / LGBTIQ

Culture / Racism


Life Transitions

Personal Growth and Wellbeing

If you are privately funded (ie paying for the session yourself) a standard appointment is $120, or $90 concession. NDIS participants are charged in line with the NDIS Price Guide or less, with substantive discounts in particular for online therapy appointments. 

Women attending a session at Eve who have never been there before will also receive a free week of unlimited classes at Eve which can be used across the Preston and Brunswick studios. You will receive this pass when you attend your first appointment and you can redeem it when suits you. Eve Studio members get 10% off all appointments.



I am a registered NDIS Provider and can provide individual therapy supports under your NDIS plan. I can also work with you to identify goals and gather supporting evidence if you would like Art Therapy included in your plan.

I have been asked to establish some art therapy groups, including in particular a group for mature women. This group has been postponed due to COVID-19 but will be resumed when it is safe to reopen. It will be capped at 4 women open to NDIS participants and the general public. You can go to the groups page on this website for further information and/or register to save your spot. Please get in touch below if you have other ideas for a group you would attend. If sufficient interest is established, groups can be offered online during the period of the shutdown.



I offer workshops and other group work on request. It may include:

Therapeutic work in a group setting, either through a stand alone workshop or a series of regular sessions.

Facilitated inquiry for organisations and their workplaces, including not for profit, government and/or corporate settings.

Professional development for workers wanting to incorporate arts based methods in their practice (e.g. teachers, childcare workers, counsellors).

Online and face to face training for art therapists and other allied health professionals on how to register for NDIS and how to work as an NDIS therapist.



Eve Wellness Co Appointments

If you are able to book through Eve as a women's only service (see above), you can select an appointment time here, including the initial phone consultation and assistance with online setup. This includes NDIS participants and people seeking online therapy if you are eligible to book through Eve.

If you would like more information, are unable to book through Eve, or are looking for group work or professional workshops, please get in touch through one of the contact options below.



Would you like to experience the power of creativity for self-expression, discovery and healing? 

You can email, call or text or send a written message here if you have any questions or wish to discuss specific services, times and arrangements. I look forward to hearing from you.

Phone: 0405778518. Email:

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